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Junio 2011 - Opción B

Do you use the internet?

The internet is the tool that fills every gap in my life. It will be much more easier to rehearse what I cannot do with the internet but then I wouldn´t be able to show my skills at writting.
I´m going to split my activities in two sections:

Leisure time: Since I discovered the internet the TV is dead for me. From the net I can get the episodes off the shows I follow when and wherever I like to. The same thing befall with connecting with my friends, the chance of being connected at any time and for free is  too tempting or me. What´s more, the amount of enjoymen that websites as youtube can provides me is boundless.

Working time: In almost every single subject Iám asked for a internet connection to even attentp to do my homework. All my marks and result are posted on the net. Moreover, the cuantity of knowledge, legitimate or not is proportional to the enjoment one.

As you can deduce I use the internet, a please all the requirements of my daily life.

Junio 2011- Opción A

Paranormal Phenomenon

Two months ago in a cold January night I was sleeping. That time I didin´t dream that I can ride the sky or that I was the superhero of a city flooded by criminals...that night I had a nightmare.

I don´t remember the hole content of it, that was surely terrifiying, Ionly remember the most shoking part...when I woke up. I was petrified, literaly. My body was frozen, I felt an incredibly heavy load over my chest. Like a body lying over me. The only thing I was able to do was moving my arms. I was so scared that I move them uncontrolled all around me throwing the water bottle, books, my alarm clock and even the bedside lamp. I don´t know if it was the fear or the weight I felt over me what keep me off shouting but I couldn´t scream. I got in panic. I felt anxiety and was awful.

The day before I googled what happened to me the last night. I found out that it is surprisingly common and it is called sleep paralysis. It happens because when we sleep our body is frozen so we don´t act in the way we are doing it in our dreams. Despite of knowing the reason it doesn´t become less frightful.

martes, 19 de marzo de 2013



This is an essay I wrote in the rol of an enviromental ingenier for a contribution to a book.

César´s Tome ,  environmental engineer, opinion:

Urban governances are now being strong developers of the energy thrift trough various actions.

I´m going to expose de example of my borntown which is on the way of becoming an eco-friendly city.

The town hall has promoted , rewarded and punished some behaviours in order to cut down the excessive waste of energy. It has built  twenty five of bike lane all around the city and has set an economic help of fifty € to all those who buy a new bike. It has come to term with the local electric company to give a free electricity month to all those who spent less than an agreed amount of it during the year. So it has done with the local cinemas and the recycling center. Now with each appliance you took there you earn five points that can be switch into movie tickets. It has also established severe fines to those who throw rubbish to the ground and to those enterprise which exceed the monthly power limit. What is more, three solar fields and two wind farms have been set up in the surrounding in order to provide energy to the city.

All this setps have been well received by the population because of the healthy image that is now attached with the city and because of the economic boom that the installation and development of this infraestructure had need.
Nowadays my city in on the way of becoming self energy supplied and will leave the dependence of fossil fuels to make room for green energy.

I think is worth teaching citicens how to live an enviromentaly friendly life.
There are severals little tricks that each person can do in his home in order to save energy but as far as I am concerned the greatest changes are those that affect the entire society. And those can be only promoted by the government.

lunes, 18 de marzo de 2013

Pau 2012 Opción B


                           My favourite tv show

     The tv show I like the most nowadays is Breaking bad but I have already talked about it last week so I´m going to talk about my second favourite one.

                                                    The walking dead:

Zombies are the flawless alibi for Robert Kirkman , the writter of the comic the serie is based on and producer of it, to deepen in the relationship between the characters in a broken world.

Nowadays the show is a resounding success with millions of viewers and not a lower budget. This can be understood because of the Zombie fan phenomenon that actually collaps our tvs, cinemas and book stores.

However, the level the comic left behind has not been reached by the serie. The vignetted version llover can miss more evolution in the characters, less predictable plot twistes and above all more brutality.
It is true that the show hasn´t got a lack of gore and blood but the crudity I was looking for is different.
A abscense of hope , morality, relationships based on fear and hate. Fair men becoming monsters because of the horror that surround them...

The walking dead is the best recorded zombie product but it still haven´t reached the top of its own potencial.

jueves, 14 de marzo de 2013

Breaking bad

Our daily life is just routine and rules, no thrill , no fears. Imagine being a chemistry teacher in a tiny  village of New mexico. What if you also have too work at a stinky car wash in the evenings to pay the bills until you wife and your handicapped son wait for you at home. What if you could have been a legend in chemistry but your best friend stole your idea and your girldfrind on the way. what if the straw that fills the galss is that you find out that you have lung cancer....

Maybe you just break bad*...

Walter White the main character of this astounding serie start cooking meth (a synthetic drug) with his ex-student Jesse Pinkman. They can not even suspect the kind of world in which they are getting into.

From my point of view this serie is on the way to become a masterpiece.The evolution of the character is just breahtaking. Walter start being a nobody and progressively he release the monster that inhabited him. The evolution is both , fisical and psicological. Fisicaly the quimio make him suave his head and the pain he pass through makes  lots of winkles appear in his face.
A remarkable aspect is that the characters are affeccted by aspect of the reality  that doesn´t add anything to the plot

What´s more ,this is full of unexpected changes, the characters act in ways you can not even imagine.
The camera angles are brilliant, from time to time they delight us with views that highlight remarkable objects  in the weft.

^This review is not finished and it will be updated and revised in a few days^

*This has no translation into spanish but it could be understood as become a bad person because of choosing the wrong way in life.

domingo, 10 de marzo de 2013

Vocabulary: Family

Mellizo: Twin
Tataranieto: Great great grandson
Bisnieto: Great grandson
Nieto: grandson/ Grandchild
Tatarabuelo: Great great grandfather
Bisabuelo: Great grandfather
Abuelo: Grandfathe
FIRSTBORN: Primogénito/a 
ADOPTED: Adoptado/a
ORPHAN: Huérfano/a
ONLY CHILD: Hijo único, hija única
RELATIVE: Pariente
OLDEST: El mayor
YOUNGEST: El menor
ANCESTORS: Antecesores
DESCENDANTS: Descendientes
ex-husband - ex-esposo
ex-wife - ex-esposa
step-father - padrastro
step-mother - madrastra
step-son - hijastro
step-daughter - hijastra
step-brother - hermanastro
step-sister - hermanastra

half-brother - medio hermano  
half-sister - medio hermana