viernes, 29 de marzo de 2013

Junio 2011 - Opción B

Do you use the internet?

The internet is the tool that fills every gap in my life. It will be much more easier to rehearse what I cannot do with the internet but then I wouldn´t be able to show my skills at writting.
I´m going to split my activities in two sections:

Leisure time: Since I discovered the internet the TV is dead for me. From the net I can get the episodes off the shows I follow when and wherever I like to. The same thing befall with connecting with my friends, the chance of being connected at any time and for free is  too tempting or me. What´s more, the amount of enjoymen that websites as youtube can provides me is boundless.

Working time: In almost every single subject Iám asked for a internet connection to even attentp to do my homework. All my marks and result are posted on the net. Moreover, the cuantity of knowledge, legitimate or not is proportional to the enjoment one.

As you can deduce I use the internet, a please all the requirements of my daily life.

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