jueves, 14 de marzo de 2013

Breaking bad

Our daily life is just routine and rules, no thrill , no fears. Imagine being a chemistry teacher in a tiny  village of New mexico. What if you also have too work at a stinky car wash in the evenings to pay the bills until you wife and your handicapped son wait for you at home. What if you could have been a legend in chemistry but your best friend stole your idea and your girldfrind on the way. what if the straw that fills the galss is that you find out that you have lung cancer....

Maybe you just break bad*...

Walter White the main character of this astounding serie start cooking meth (a synthetic drug) with his ex-student Jesse Pinkman. They can not even suspect the kind of world in which they are getting into.

From my point of view this serie is on the way to become a masterpiece.The evolution of the character is just breahtaking. Walter start being a nobody and progressively he release the monster that inhabited him. The evolution is both , fisical and psicological. Fisicaly the quimio make him suave his head and the pain he pass through makes  lots of winkles appear in his face.
A remarkable aspect is that the characters are affeccted by aspect of the reality  that doesn´t add anything to the plot

What´s more ,this is full of unexpected changes, the characters act in ways you can not even imagine.
The camera angles are brilliant, from time to time they delight us with views that highlight remarkable objects  in the weft.

^This review is not finished and it will be updated and revised in a few days^

*This has no translation into spanish but it could be understood as become a bad person because of choosing the wrong way in life.

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