lunes, 18 de marzo de 2013

Pau 2012 Opción B


                           My favourite tv show

     The tv show I like the most nowadays is Breaking bad but I have already talked about it last week so I´m going to talk about my second favourite one.

                                                    The walking dead:

Zombies are the flawless alibi for Robert Kirkman , the writter of the comic the serie is based on and producer of it, to deepen in the relationship between the characters in a broken world.

Nowadays the show is a resounding success with millions of viewers and not a lower budget. This can be understood because of the Zombie fan phenomenon that actually collaps our tvs, cinemas and book stores.

However, the level the comic left behind has not been reached by the serie. The vignetted version llover can miss more evolution in the characters, less predictable plot twistes and above all more brutality.
It is true that the show hasn´t got a lack of gore and blood but the crudity I was looking for is different.
A abscense of hope , morality, relationships based on fear and hate. Fair men becoming monsters because of the horror that surround them...

The walking dead is the best recorded zombie product but it still haven´t reached the top of its own potencial.

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