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This is an essay I wrote in the rol of an enviromental ingenier for a contribution to a book.

César´s Tome ,  environmental engineer, opinion:

Urban governances are now being strong developers of the energy thrift trough various actions.

I´m going to expose de example of my borntown which is on the way of becoming an eco-friendly city.

The town hall has promoted , rewarded and punished some behaviours in order to cut down the excessive waste of energy. It has built  twenty five of bike lane all around the city and has set an economic help of fifty € to all those who buy a new bike. It has come to term with the local electric company to give a free electricity month to all those who spent less than an agreed amount of it during the year. So it has done with the local cinemas and the recycling center. Now with each appliance you took there you earn five points that can be switch into movie tickets. It has also established severe fines to those who throw rubbish to the ground and to those enterprise which exceed the monthly power limit. What is more, three solar fields and two wind farms have been set up in the surrounding in order to provide energy to the city.

All this setps have been well received by the population because of the healthy image that is now attached with the city and because of the economic boom that the installation and development of this infraestructure had need.
Nowadays my city in on the way of becoming self energy supplied and will leave the dependence of fossil fuels to make room for green energy.

I think is worth teaching citicens how to live an enviromentaly friendly life.
There are severals little tricks that each person can do in his home in order to save energy but as far as I am concerned the greatest changes are those that affect the entire society. And those can be only promoted by the government.

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